About Ms.Fit Health & Fitness Bootcamps

Ms.Fit was set up in January 2014 by Daf Stone and Mark Lloyd, who also run a men-only bootcamp based in the Vale of Glamorgan (Brawd Mens Health, Vale of Glamorgan).

Both Daf and Mark understand what it feels like to be out of shape, constantly feeling tired, demotivated and generally not great about themselves – just check out the before and after photos for the evidence!

After turning their lives around using the training and nutrition approach that they promote to their members, it was only a matter of time before the decision was made to start their own classes. The aim? To help as many people as possible in the Vale of Glamorgan to turn their lives around using the same, proven health and fitness methods.

Daf and Mark are passionate about supporting people to meet their health and fitness goals, to feel stronger, fitter, happier and more motivated every day, and as a result have a better quality of life all around.

Our coaching team also includes a product of the Ms.Fit training methods, Jenny Morgan who delivers 2 classes per week for us, and Australian Personal Trainer Craig Nichol who also delivers 2 classes per week for us. Both coaches share the same values as Daf and Mark and are both great leaders and motivators – check out their bios in the ‘meet the coaches’ section!

DafStone2Daf Stone

Growing up, and well into my twenties, I was always pretty active – playing football being my main hobby.
However, as I approached my late twenties my career became increasingly stressful, and I gradually became less and less active. I started making excuses to avoid exercise, and I felt tired, lethargic and generally demotivated. On top of that, my eating habits were all over the place – I’d eat what I wanted, when I wanted, and would frequently choose the ‘fast option’ due to a lack of time (sandwiches, ready-meals, visits to Greggs…)

However, at the start of 2012 after some of the boys at football organised a ten week fitness programme, things started to change. At my first session, I realised just how unfit I was, and how bad my mobility was. It was a real eye-opener for me, and I knew things had to change. I continued to attend the sessions, and learned about the importance of exercising every part of your body. I realised that playing football was great, but it hadn’t allowed me to develop my all-round strength. All of a sudden, I started jumping on boxes, swinging kettlebells, doing press-ups, squats, lunges, burpees – things I’d never done before… And I was really, really enjoying the variation! For the first time in my life I was enjoying fitness in an environment that didn’t involve kicking a ball!

I stuck with it, and in a short space of time (literally a couple of months) my fitness changed dramatically. I lost weight quickly, and found I could fit into clothes that I’d not worn since I was in my mid twenties. My confidence changed, and I started to feel much better about myself: I didn’t feel tired and lethargic all the time, I felt motivated, my concentration levels went up, and I started to enjoy a much more positive outlook on life. My mood was generally great, and I just felt much happier.
In 2013 I met Mark Lloyd, who also shared a similar story to myself having worked in a stressful business environment for years, and we got on well… and the rest, as they say, is history!
We set up MissFit at the beginning of 2014 and have never once looked back.
It fills me with great pride to know that we are helping women from our own local area, the Vale of Glamorgan, to discover levels of health, fitness and general wellbeing that they never thought they could achieve, in exactly the same way as we did many moons ago.
So what makes MissFit different to the rest of the many bootcamps and fitness classes that are out there? Well, even though we are health and fitness related, we aren’t JUST a fitness class – that’s something that Mark and I were keen to avoid from the offset. In establishing MissFit, our vision was to create a community for our members. We wanted a fitness class built on foundations of teamwork, support, camaraderie and, most importantly, positivity! Negative, aggressive attitudes, put simply, just aren’t welcome at MissFit. We want our members to enjoy the classes, so every single one of our classes is varied, and you never know what to expect when you arrive for that workout! We don’t just concentrate on fitness at MissFit, we look at the bigger picture. A large part of what we do is focused on emotional and mental wellbeing, which is just as important as fitness – arguably even more so – so making sure our members are happy and supported is at the top of our list of priorities.
We are proud of the team of members we have assembled, as well as our fantastic team of coaches, and we are equally proud at how they have ALL embraced the vision that Lloydy and I have followed since day one: to create a health and fitness community where people respect each other, support each other, and, above all, WORK HARD to get the results they want!

Mark LloydMark Lloyd

Well expect the unexpected from me… I’m not your normal coach… and I didn’t fall into the fitness industry because I was good at sport in school ( I was pants )

I started my career working as a Geologist on Oilrigs in the North Sea, then for the last 15 years traveling the UK suited and booted as a Management Consultant for one of the worlds largest consultancy firms…

and then….

I got fed up… really fed up..

With hotel rooms, motorways, hot smelly offices …and not seeing my family.

So with help of some voluntary redundancy, I decided to follow my real passion…

Getting the very best out of people and making them happy…

Now I did the first part of this in my previous employment for some time and I did it bloody well too…however I knew there was something missing.. Even when I was getting the best out of Project teams with close to 100 people…delivering huge successes……I still felt like a caged animal….

Missfit? How does this fit in?

Well…. Missfit is the vehicle of change that allows me to get the very best out of YOU through the medium of health and fitness…

I can channel all my energy into Missfit, run around, say what I like, when I like and do what I like (ish) ….and it works…..just ask any of our members!

(By the way, we help men too…because its all linked and we’re not stupid …unhappy man = unhappy woman and visa versa 😉 ) but more on that later)

Fear not though… I’ll never shout crappy motivational phrases like ” go hard or go home” or ” 2015 is your year..you’re gonna crush it”… I’m not in the happy clappy gang either walking around with bright white teeth, glowing skin and constantly smiling (I do have bags under my eyes.. I have a 4 year old son)

Because I actually “get it”….

I really do….

Life is hard…

You already know what you should be doing to make your life more enriched….

You know you really shouldn’t smash a whole bar of chocolate and a bottle of wine…

You know you should get off the sofa and do something….

But let’s face it… sometimes fitness and nutrition is so boring!!! And the very thought of going for ” a run” or ” to the gym” excites you as much as eating Turkey and carrots with a glass of water on a Saturday night!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy either…

I’ve juggled a family, a very high pressured job and a business all at the same time… But still got in the best shape I’ve been in for almost 15 years…

So what do I know that you don’t ?

Well I know that to actually get you to a fitness class, session, bootcamp…whatever you want to call it……..YOU actually have to WANT to go… SIMPLE.

Take the New Year Resolution gang…. when the motivation of “sorting your life out” goes… and watching Eastenders on a Treadmill is getting boring…..what have they got to keep you going???

At Missfit YOU are made ACCOUNTABLE

At Missfit YOU WANT to go…even though its hard.

Even if you’ve had a s**t day…..you will find yourself actually wanting to go and see your FRIENDS at Missfit who will instantly make you FEEL better…..

And I know that at every session myself and our coaches will always have something exciting and different in store 🙂 In fact I will guarantee you will LAUGH at every session.

Outside of our classes …. I also know what “life hacks” (as I call them), you need to “tweak” to get you back feeling yourself and feeling great.

Its all about our group too….and the camaraderie

All of our ladies keep in regular contact with each other and support each other via secret facebook groups that only Missfit Members have access too. Our ladies, regularly meet for social events ranging from Sunday runs around the Vale, to a few wines and sometimes full on Saturday night carnage!! We’ve sent teams to various race events such as Mens Health Survival of the fittest and some of our girls are even running Tough Mudder this Year… I even take them Standup Paddleboarding from May to October.

I’m very proud of what we’ve created at Missfit and as you can tell, we are all REAL people…. Not ones for strutting around flexing our muscles and looking in mirrors…. ( I do brush my teeth of course )… AND WE GET RESULTS TOO.

So enough about me… This is all about YOU.

Every person on this planet has a choice…So I really do hope you choose Missfit to make yourself feel like YOU again….We just ignite the spark that is in every single one of us.

Coach Lloydy signing out.

Oh….ps. Of course not forgetting the men!!

Check out “Brawd men’s health”


Equally as brilliant 😉

Class Coaches

Our coaches all have the same goal of supporting your fitness goals. We only work with coaches who we know and trust, those who coach to the Ms.Fit style of delivery.


Craig Nichol

I am a devoted family man with a beautiful daughter and wife. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years and currently have a full time job as a fitness manager. In my spare time I either coach or get coached in the great outdoor playground we call the Vale Of Glamorgan.

I am 40 plus and am proud to be delivering epic bootcamp sessions to the Ms.Fit family.

Ms.Fit is unique in my eyes because it’s not just about fitness it’s about a community of friends supporting each other to live happier, healthier lives.


Jenny Morgan

After 2 children and with a wedding lined up I decided I had to get my body back into a shape that I was happy with. Given that I’d recently discovered I was asthmatic I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task. I found it really difficult with working 2 jobs, school runs, children’s activities and being a mum to fit in exercise but realised that I needed and had to make time for it if I wanted to make these changes a reality!
I joined Ms.Fit just over a year ago and knew straight away I had made the right move, it was such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the coaches knew how to work us hard whilst having fun at the same time!
It was great to actually feel part of something and to look forward to the next session (something I hadn’t felt before).
I got married in the April to my crazy, (and obviously wonderful!) husband but didn’t want my fitness journey to end there. My goals had now moved and I was in this for the long run.
By September I had qualified as a Bootcamp instructor. I’m so glad I made the decision to do this and with the full support of my fellow coaches, I now have the great honour of not just training with this amazing team but actually coaching them as well.
Ms.Fit has become a part of both mine and my family’s life. My children now understand the importance that healthy eating and exercise plays in their general wellbeing (my 4 year old daughter has now mastered the burpee).
I’m the only female coach and sure the boys will agree the only sane one.