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Vikki Williams (Bridgend) tells us about her experience with Group Personal Training with Ms.Fit Bridgend Owner – Coach Gareth

” The 28 day challenge has changed my life and hopefully long may it continue to do so.

Before starting, exercise to my consisted of ‘nice little walks’ usually ending up in coffee shops for a slice of cake. My diet was high in fat and sugar, I often skipped meals due to working shifts. I found myself to be consuming family size chocolate bars or whole packets of biscuits daily and felt exhausted most of the time. I have rheumatoid arthritis which has caused some damage to my joints. This causes constant pain and lethargy especially during a flare up.

At the beginning of the challenge I was weighed and my body fat, muscle was calculated. The challenge included dietary advice, what to eat and what not to. Basically, no processed foods, bread, pasta, milk and sugar. The closed face book forum was brilliant for swapping recipes, ideas and tips. I found this a great support. Being organised was the best advice, especially planning lunches for work. I found it fairly easy to follow and most of the family joined in. I suddenly became a lover of green tea and porridge bread.

The work outs were the most challenging for me. I was a ‘track virgin’ as one of the girls pointed out. I cannot believe how much I have gained from these sessions and improved my fitness. Although Gareth pushed us all, they were so much fun and the energy I felt afterwards was amazing. After the first week of not being able to walk up the stairs and sit down properly, the aches and pains became less. Training outside in the fresh air, reaching your personal goals and then smashing them was unbelievable.

Gareth also introduced me to meditation and thinking about investing time in yourself and thinking about the important things in your life.

After 28 day’s I am fitter, slimmer, happier and the best bit is I feel more alive and in less pain. I’ve also found my concentration has improved.

I would recommend Gareth 100%. From being a 45-year-old unfit chocoholic, to feeling the best I have felt in a long long time. If in doubt just make the first move and just do it.

Thankyou Gareth, you are awesome”

— Vikki Williams

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– Coach Lloydy Ms.Fit Co-Founder
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