You’re too BUSY and stressed and NEVER GET TIME TO YOURSELF – let alone time to be ‘fit and healthy’.

“It’s just all too tiring and stressful”

So you what’s the point of even starting?


Allow us to introduce Ms.Fit Women’s Health and Brawd Men’s Health in RHOOSE and the wider Vale of Glamorgan


Ms.Fit Women’s Health and Brawd Men’s Health

Are you?

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    Lacking in Confidence

    Do you lack confidence because you’ve let yourself go?

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    Stressed Out?

    Your work, your family and just about everything else?

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    Fearful over your Health

    You fear for your own health and not being around to see the kids grow up?

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    Feeling Embarrassed by your body

    A comment or a glance in the mirror – we get it

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    Desperately want to get fitter and Healthier but don't want to go it alone

    You’ve tried a few times but never stick with it

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    Not sure about training with other people in a group

    You think you’re not fit enough to start and that you’ll be the slowest/weakest there.

Not really sure what to expect?

Well let us ASSURE you

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    NO BEASTING! Realistic Advise from Real World Coaches

    All our coaches have LIVED and WORKED in the REAL WORLD for most of their lives – so we “Get it”.

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    Outdoor Group Training with like minded Men and Women

    No sweaty and packed gyms – not knowing what to do

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    Understanding of where you are at right now

    All our coaches have been in your situation before and weren’t happy. So we speak your language.

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    Support OUTSIDE of the sessions

    You will have support outside of the sessions from your Brawd and Ms.Fit Coaches and fellow members via our private members group.

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    No Longer a Health Risk waiting to happen

    You’ll feel like YOU are back in control of your health.

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    You’ll be walking around with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

We’ve been changing the lives of men and women just like you all across the Vale of Glamorgan since 2014.

And now we are in Rhoose.

Basically we’d love to help you feel great inside and out.

What sessions are we now running in Rhoose?

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    WED 18:30 - 19:30 - Mixed male and female session

    Location – varied – Rhoose

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    Fri 06:00 - 07:00 - Mixed male and female session

    Location – varied – Rhoose

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    Sunday 19:15 - 20:15 - Mixed male and female session

    Location – varied – Rhoose

AND if you become a member and sign up to our 2 month intro offer you ALSO get access to ALL our other classes in Barry and Penarth!


Meet your Coach

Ali has been on the full journey with Ms.Fit and Brawd.

Ali was a member with us for over 2 years and transformed her health and fitness whilst juggling the full time job of being a new mum to TWINS!!

A fully qualified Personal Trainer, Ali lives locally in Rhoose and is really passionate about the local area and community.

She's now looking forward to helping men and women in Rhoose get fitter and healthier with Brawd and Ms.Fit Health.

We are delighted to now have her at the helm to help you in Rhoose.

But don't just take our word for it, that Ali is an amazing real world coach.

Check out what our members have to say by clicking HERE

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What are our members saying

Meet one of our Brawd Members

Kenny joined us about a year ago and has never looked back.
A busy man running a business with a young family he's transformed himself by...
well just turning up at our group fitness sessions!!
And you can too


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Kenny's Story

We do exciting stuff like this

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The ONLY downside is that we can only take on so many and therefore our places are LIMITED.

Are you ready for a change?