Don’t worry, we absolutely “get it”

You’ll eat and drink to much over Christmas

We all do of course

Then at some point just after


Look to join a GYM?

Maybe go for a run?

No alchohol and lettuce until New Years Eve 😉

Then Jan 2018 is here.

So I WANT to introduce you to some of our members.

Just normal women just like you

Let’s also clear something up for you straight away too.

All fitness levels are welcome at Msfit and to be honest, that’s why we are so popular.

We are really proud to be NOTHING LIKE any other Gym, bootcamps or circuits class around.

The bad news is that this means we can only release a LIMITED amount of spaces next Year.

So if you can make some of these class times below:

Mon: (19:30) Indoors – Atlantic Way Crossfit Barry
Tue: (06:00) Outdoors – Barry Island
Wed: (19:30) Indoors – Atlantic Way Crossfit Barry
Thu: (19:30) Outdoors – Penarth Various locations
Fri: (06:00) Outdoors – Penarth Various locations
Sat: (09:15) Outdoors – Barry Island or Porthkerry Park
And want to sometimes train outdoors, sometimes train outdoors  and somethings even do things like this: 

Then for Jan 2018 make sure you take us up on this LIMITED offer on our top GOLD tier of membership (usually £55 per month) and…

Only 9 places available
In Feb 2018 and March 2018 you will still only pay £30 per month! but still get access to our Top GOLD Membership Tier (Value £55 per month)
Total payable over 3 months = £90
Total saving over 3 months = £75

We will show you how to:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Finally Get back in shape.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Discover a way that works for you.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Increase your energy levels and motivation

  • Connector.Connector.

    Create more time for yourself

  • Connector.Connector.

    Cut through all of the BS advice once and for all


And we are unlikely to have any places left come the Jan 18 rush.


Still not convinced?

Just normal women of all shapes, ages and backgrounds.

Not a “magic pill” or “shake” in sight either!!



And we are unlikely to have any places left come the Jan 18 rush.

Vikki Williams (Ms.Fit Bridgend)

” The 28 day challenge has changed my life and hopefully long may it continue to do so.

Before starting, exercise to my consisted of ‘nice little walks’ usually ending up in coffee shops for a slice of cake. My diet was high in fat and sugar, I often skipped meals due to working shifts. I found myself to be consuming family size chocolate bars or whole packets of biscuits daily and felt exhausted most of the time. I have rheumatoid arthritis which has caused some damage to my joints. This causes constant pain and lethargy especially during a flare up.

At the beginning of the challenge I was weighed and my body fat, muscle was calculated. The challenge included dietary advice, what to eat and what not to. Basically, no processed foods, bread, pasta, milk and sugar. The closed face book forum was brilliant for swapping recipes, ideas and tips. I found this a great support. Being organised was the best advice, especially planning lunches for work. I found it fairly easy to follow and most of the family joined in. I suddenly became a lover of green tea and porridge bread.

The work outs were the most challenging for me. I was a ‘track virgin’ as one of the girls pointed out. I cannot believe how much I have gained from these sessions and improved my fitness. Although Gareth pushed us all, they were so much fun and the energy I felt afterwards was amazing. After the first week of not being able to walk up the stairs and sit down properly, the aches and pains became less. Training outside in the fresh air, reaching your personal goals and then smashing them was unbelievable.

Gareth also introduced me to meditation and thinking about investing time in yourself and thinking about the important things in your life.

After 28 day’s I am fitter, slimmer, happier and the best bit is I feel more alive and in less pain. I’ve also found my concentration has improved.

I would recommend Gareth 100%. From being a 45-year-old unfit chocoholic, to feeling the best I have felt in a long long time. If in doubt just make the first move and just do it.

Thankyou Gareth, you are awesome”

— Vikki Williams

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Juliet Gardner  (Bridgend)

” Day 1 – First 1-2-1 session today and it was all about the legs – wall sits, squats & lunges. None of these 3 words have ever been uttered in a sentence by me let alone make my body partake in the activity. Did it hurt? Yep. Was I gritting my teeth & wondering what I volunteered for? Yep. 30 minutes later do I feel great that I did it? 100%. Into the bargain Gareth you were both empathetic & compassionate on this fitness newbie.

Day 2 of training – well that was harder than the equipment gave on first appearance. Who knew the toughest exercises were the ones that required no equipment at all – just the track?! To give credit to Coach C even on day 2 he’s perceptive enough to know when to encourage me to get those extra push ups out of me whilst being supportive (quite literally!!) when the Plank well and truly bet me. Small walk tomorrow to keep legs flexed and back to it on Thursday. I wonder what surprises that will bring!!

End of my first week of the 28 day fitness plan and musing over how it’s gone so far. First thought is that, although I hit a wobble on session 2, I am (mostly!) enjoying the challenge and when I finally master this fitness ‘lark’ I think I’m going to get a real kick out of it. It’s also made me think about my overall fitness in general. I know I’m not going to be an elite athlete at the end of this but I do know that I am starting to feel better already (actually getting out of bed on the alarm rather than 3 ‘snooze’ hits later!) and that 13 year persistent post baby muffin top is actually starting to decrease! I guess maybe it doesn’t really matter what my reasons were for starting this journey but I am starting to enjoy the exercise and the journey it will take me on.

Day 9 – If someone had told me 9 days ago that I would be doing 300 squats in my dining room in under 20 minutes I would have told you to get your head read. What a difference 9 days and a personal trainer can make. All down to you Gareth Cleaver!

Day 13 – of 28 Fitness Plan – starting to at last feel more confident in my exercise approach. Some sessions have felt much harder than others, depending on what exercises have been introduced, but overall not hurting as I was on Day 2!! Actually enjoying most aspects of exercises – minus Burpess….!! Fitness levels improving – your Personal Trainer expertise definitely works Gareth Cleaver!! Bring on week 3.
Half way through 28 day fitness regime and have to admit I have reassessed my – if I am being totally honest – somewhat cynical view on personal trainers. Before this challenge my view of personal trainers was a form of punishment with an overly muscular angry man just shouting constantly. Thankfully Gareth Cleaver has shown that this is not the case, in fact far from it!

Now don’t get me wrong there have been a few occasions over the past 2 weeks where he wasn’t my most favourite person (!) but he has developed a realistic plan which has taken into account my physical condition and abilities which has meant I can’t shirk responsibility or accountability for what I put into each training session.

Alongside the fitness plan is a health and nutrition plan which has, in just 2 weeks, shown the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Only small changes in my diet has made such a difference – 2 notches down on my favourite belt is motivation enough to make sure I succeed and reach my goals over the final 2 weeks.

So in summary what do I think have been the real benefits over the 28 days? First lesson was that this 28 day challenge was a lifestyle change not just a workout program with dietary advice. It’s about eating differently, shopping for food differently, exercising differently, feeling different and even starting to look different! Gareth has shown me the importance of incorporating healthy eating and working out to achieve my goals. It takes 100% nutrition and 100% training to see results!

Gareth provided me with the accountability to keep my fitness endeavours to the maximum of my ability at each session and to be fair has transformed by approach to training and exercise. He provided a workout environment that encouraged me to push myself beyond limits that I didn’t even know existed!

I am excited to continue to see where I am able to push myself next. I know with Gareth’s positive influence I will be able to get there. I can honestly say I am in the best shape, with more muscle tone than I have had in 7 years and I also feel like I have so much more energy than I did before I started the 28 day plan.
There is no ‘quick fix’ out there but if you want to lose weight, are willing to eat healthy and workout then anyone can change their lifestyle if they want too badly enough.

Gareth taught me that you can be healthy and fit no matter how old you are (I’m 46), it just takes some motivation with a little bit of confidence in yourself.
Thanks Gareth for everything you have shared with me during this challenge – but more than anything.

Thank You for helping me to believe that I could do this!!”

— Juliet Gardner


Where will you be in Jan 2018?

You can be healthy and fit, not matter how old you are.


“I’ll even honour a 30 day money back guarantee.

No quibbles, no questions asked – what ever the reason.

I’m that confident you are going to LOVE this”

– Coach Lloydy Ms.Fit Co-Founder
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